Just the other day, my favorite sportswriter, Joe Posnanski, wrote a piece about his family leaving Kansas City to move to Charlotte, North Carolina. His writing resonated with us, of course, because we’re getting ready to go, too. (Leaving in less than two weeks! Yikes!)

One of the pieces of leaving that can be crucial is saying goodbye. It sounds weird, but the transition to a new culture can be helped if positive goodbyes happen in the home culture.

So- good bye to people, right? Yes, but also to places, and things. So we have tried to be deliberate in saying goodbye to both people and places in the last few weeks. Here are some of them:

  • A trip to Philly with a Huge Troll to see Cliff Lee dominate the Chicago Cubs (I felt like I should crawl into the stadium on my knees, as it had been seven years since I had been to the Phillies fan’s Mecca)
  • A few days at the cabin with my father, mostly cutting wood, but also eating ice cream
  • Down to Dave’s Taverna for a gyro. Man, I’m going to miss those fries. And let’s not even talk about Qdoba’s burritos!
  • A party with Anisa and Karen’s soccer team, complete with picture frames and a great movie put together by their coach. (When we ask the girls about how they’re feeling about leaving, they most often cite this team as the reason they would rather not go)
  • Over the mountain to Charlottesville to shop for used books with Jason. (Halfway there, I noticed that a baby praying mantis was crawling up my leg! In the car! We stopped and let him out) I didn’t buy any books, but that wasn’t exactly the point of going.
  • EMS’s final faculty meeting (thanks, Larry and Sue, for your kind words!)
  • The girls going to camp with their cousin (important, even though we have to drive 4 1/2 hours to pick them up…)
  • An awesome evening at the Johnson’s- with pseudofamily and friends
  • Marlin and Mary stopping by Kenyan-style
  • Tomorrow, we’re eating lunch at Jim’s Market- eat your heart out, E-Term kids!

Next week, we have goodbyes every single night. So while goodbyes are pretty tough (I mean, it’s never easy to say “so long” for 24 months), it’s very important that we do them well. Keep us in your prayers as we navigate a difficult week!

Anisa, Karen, and Hannah ready for camp!

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2 Responses to Goodbyes

  1. I am going to miss u guys very much I pray that God keep you safe. Love your niece and cousin. Tiffany

  2. David Kratz says:

    Praying for you guys and your transition. We missed you on vacation. I got on a push-up craze and could have used your regular punishment :). We look forward to hear how God continues to work in and through you all!

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