Lady Royals BBall Camp

The girls have really connected with the EMU women’s basketball program the last couple of years. We bought season tickets last year, and attended almost every home game. Coach Kevin Griffin invited the girls into the locker room after a win, and the girls have attended practice on more than one occasion.

So it follows that one of the girls’ favorite things of the summer is to attend the Lady Royals Basketball Camp at EMU. In fact, back when we were deciding when to fly out, Karen said she didn’t really care, “as long as I can go to camp.”

So camp was last week, and the girls had a super time. First of all, they were on the champion five on five team, which means they each received a trophy, and like with every 11-year old in the world, a trophy means life.

But the coolest thing was when Coach Griff presented each girl with a game jersey at the end of camp as a goodbye gift. The girls were beaming afterwards with their prizes- prizes that will certainly make the cut to head across the pond.

Here are some pictures from the end of the week:




The man himself- Coach Griff

Thanks to everyone who made the week so great for the girls!

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