Glenda’s Early Reflections – Part 1

Well, we have arrived in Nairobi and seem to be adjusting well. It is hard to believe over a week has gone past already! There is so much to see and understand, so many names to remember and learn, and people to catch up with whom we haven’t seen in seven years. It is truly a blessing to be back in our Kenyan home.

Our hosts here at Rosslyn Academy are Melanie and Kerry. They have taken us shopping for groceries and helped us become more familiar with our surroundings. Just the other day they stopped by with fresh banana bread! We really appreciate their friendship and how they are always there to assist us in any way possible. Melanie and Kerry foster Susan, an 11 mo. girl from a nearby orphanage, about 4 days each week.

Anisa and Karen with Kerry, Melanie, and Susan

Our gardener just started working yesterday so the plants in these photos will soon have a more trimmed and cared for look.

front of house

back of house






Our house is spacious. It will most likely take a while for us to find ways to make it look like ours by adding our personal touches here and there. At this point it is quite bare, but I anticipate with Anisa and Karen encouraging us to do this and that, it won’t take long to take on a lived in look with lots of flair.

living room (notice the fresh flowers), parent's bedroom on far left, dining table to right of parent's room, kitchen through door on right







Amidst all the new going on in our lives, it feels good to bring in familiar activities from our State side home. Anyone up for a good game of Sorry?!

Dad won the game this time

We took time to visit New Life Home this past week! It was kind of crazy, yet fun, to drive on the Nairobi roads once again. Some roads appear in better shape than we remember and others are just as bad or worse. The traffic has definitely picked up since we lived here last, so it may take over an hour to get across town. That is problematic if a quick trip is desired. I enjoyed seeing the sights of the city as we traveled.

outdoor shops

the road is busy with all kinds of activity such as these men with the cart

more roadside shops

The highlight was definitely seeing Ann and Clive & Mary, our special friends from New Life! Ann was a worker there who lavished special attention on Anisa when she lived at New Life Home. We have kept in touch over the years and it was great fun to meet in person. Carol was a worker at New Life who gave special attention to Karen. Carol doesn’t work at New Life anymore but we are told she is in Nairobi so we hope to meet up with her soon.

some of the laundry being done at New Life Home

Ann and Anisa

Ann, Clive, Mary, Karen, and Anisa







We also were able to visit Beatrice, the lady who had helped us in the past with house help and child care. She was like a second mother in many ways to the girls when they were young. Her husband, Jack, works at our school and was able to take us to their home just a few miles away. They also have a 3 year old daughter, Joy, who was certainly fun to meet!

Karen, Beatrice, friend, Karen, Jackton, and Joy

I need to wrap this up for now. I will try to write more again soon.


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2 Responses to Glenda’s Early Reflections – Part 1

  1. Faustina says:

    Hey Leonard’s family, you are welcome once again in Kenya. Visit the bball team!

  2. Jet Clugston says:

    Thanks so much for the update and pictures, Glenda. We keep checking to see if there are new entries! We really miss you guys.

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