Fun Sights from the Road

About two weeks ago, we went to Suswa, a shield volcano in the Rift Valley, with Rosslyn’s full staff. Both there and on the way back, we took some shots to show the nature of the day. Take a look:

Standing on the edge of the world....

Ummm... is this the right way?

Some transportation is standing room only

"Accomodation" available. Just so you know.

Hotel, bar, and... butchery?

Doesn't everyone buy their hamburger in the local bar?

Hey- anyone know of a nice pub around here?

The CLASSIC butchery. I think the dude flipped me off right after I took this picture.

Some pictures need no caption.


Well, that’ll do for now. We all made it safe and sound, by the way. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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3 Responses to Fun Sights from the Road

  1. David Kratz says:

    Loved the pictures! Great to see what you’re up to… And certainly glad you all made it back safe and sound! Timmy was most confused with the car wash pic!?! 🙂 I’m sure you were too.
    Have a great day, dk

  2. Laura Flosi says:

    Love it! What was the Rosslyn bus doing? All the pictures made me homesick for “home” and for being “home” with you guys!

  3. Chris Riddle says:

    In the “Nice Bar” picture, do they actually park in the guest house? Just wondering?


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