Movies, Geckos, and Basketball

Just finished watching an outdoor movie at a friend’s house called RIO. It was a lot of fun, both the movie and the friends we were with! Weather was perfect, no wind, so the sheet stayed in place and sound could be heard by all. At one point there was some kissing by two of the main characters, birds, and some kids hid their faces and said, “Gross!” That was as funny as the movie.
Anisa got her hair braided on Friday, extensions again. We spent about 3 hours the night before taking out the old extensions, washing and combing out her hair. Then the next day we had Betty come and braid in extensions. She worked from around 9:30-5:30 on Anisa’s hair. I think they were both very ready for it to be done by the end. It looks great though! Ashely, our house help, also helped out at times with the hair.

Ashely, Anisa, and Betty

Tomorrow Karen gets her hair done. She wants her natural hair braided without extensions. Should only take a few hours. We took out the old style today to prepare.
Today Anisa and Karen went to Middle School Youth Group and played power rugby! They came home laughing and talkative about all the fun they had. Something about throwing a rugby ball and laughing because of not being able to accomplish the concept of throwing (John sighs…looks like no softball in the future for these two). The game consisted of tossing a rugby ball to  their teammates, being allowed to kick it like a soccer ball, and then shooting it in a hoop like a basketball in order to score.
The girls are keeping busy babysitting and playing with their friends on this long weekend….of four days. Ha, Ha U.S. people! 🙂 (That was Anisa’s comment there.)
Yesterday Karen was getting ready to take a shower but then started calling out in an excited manner for Mom. So I came to check things out and she pleaded with me to help her rid the shower of an unwelcome guest. Well, it was just a tiny gecko! Most likely much more scared of her and the water than Karen should have been of it. But, Mom saved the day and gently put the gecko on a piece of paper and took it to another place in the house to be “free” of big girls who squeal. (It really was tiny, about the length of half my index finger from the tip of its head to its tail with very tiny features. Just amazing really.) Geckos are good, they eat bugs, so we do want them in our house. Anisa and Karen just haven’t found how to co-exist yet in the same room.
I have been making banana muffins and apple muffins the past few weeks. They are quite tasty warm with some butter.
Tomorrow one of the families on campus invited everyone to their place to try out a slip-n-slide they put up to use with the high school students later this week. It sounds a bit dangerous because it is steep and bumpy, yet exciting at the same time. Then, there is a potluck dinner following for anyone who is interested. Sounds like fun.

John says, "Clyde Drexler?"

Anisa and Karen both are just finishing the intramural season for basketball. They are now moving into the middle school basketball season since they both made it on the A team. They are pretty excited about it and have their first two games this week.

heading back down the court

sisters side by side

As many of you know, we were robbed about a week and a half ago. Thanks for your prayers- we continue to adjust to a different idea of safety.

– Glenda

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  1. Jet Clugston says:

    Next time, if you get a chance, take a picture of any geckos…the kids would LOVE to see them! Anisa’s hair looks wonderful. Thanks for the post! Love you guys!

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