The Nest

The Nest is a home for abandoned babies or babies that have parents in prison and is located within a five minute drive from our school. If you work at Rosslyn, it doesn’t take long to become familiar with The Nest and their mission in the community.

Good friends of ours here at Rosslyn, Kerry and Melanie, have been fostering children for the past number of years from The Nest. They bring a child, sometimes two, into their home and foster her for a few weeks or months as needed until the child can either go back to her home or be adopted by someone. (They have always chosen to foster girls but boys are available as well.) This past month a plea went out to our school for more families to foster because The Nest had more children then they had space for. At some point in our stay here in Kenya, I would not be surprised if we joined the effort to foster these children.

The Nest

sharing a crib

The Nest is a popular place for people from Rosslyn to visit in order to help for an hour or two with child care. Anisa is involved with a club at school that meets once a week and travels to The Nest in order to play with the children. Both Karen and Anisa enjoy visiting every once in a while on a weekend as well. The other week I went along and took some photos of our time there.

Karen finds a friend to hold

We arrived around 10:45am on Saturday morning and spent about an hour there. First we spoke with the director, Irene, washed our hands, and then went to the baby room and chose some babies to spend time with. Once we had chosen some children, we joined some workers and volunteers who were already outside with others.


Anisa and friend

Behind Anisa in the photo above you can see the many pieces of laundry hanging out to dry. I didn’t ask how often they wash laundry, but obviously you can’t let it build up too much or you never catch up!

laundry room

The sun was warm and the babies were plenty.

always someone wanting your attention

giving personal attention

Oh happy day!

loving the experience

Holding tight.

hi there

playing in the sun

playing in the shade

keeping busy

Hi there!

giving love and attention

two happy kids

As you can tell by the photos, there was always someone to spend time with. The children were busy moving around and it was fun to interact with them. Once in a while they were sad, but for the most part they were a happy group. None of them were big enough to move too fast yet so we didn’t need to do any chasing after kids; however, they knew how to grab on and hold tight. We had to watch out for our hair, glasses, or anything else that looks interesting, including dirty shoes.
If I let my heart rule my decisions, I would would like to bring a child home to foster every time we visit! However, at this point we are still working hard to transition into this culture and community and find our own family routine. I am thankful, however, that we had the opportunity to help out at The Nest and look forward to the next visit.
Update – Please keep The Nest in your prayers. I have heard that this week they have had 7 babies go to the hospital with viral pneumonia. They think the infection came and spread when they brought a sick baby who had no one to care for him/her from the hospital into their home.
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2 Responses to The Nest

  1. Jet Clugston says:

    What awesome pictures! It was wonderful to see pictures of the girls AND you, Glenda! Lindsay, Heath, & Tanner love to take in prayer requests for class time (including praying over a month in advance for upcoming surgeries, etc….)…I will make sure to ask them to pray for The Nest and the babies and caregivers there. We love you guys!

  2. claudia says:

    Wow! those are beautiful pictures. How are you guys? we miss you so much!

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