Catching Up

Well, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve updated the site. Let’s see what the Leonards have been up to:

  • We just spent the weekend moving into a new house here on campus- almost exactly 90 feet from our old place. It made for an easier move, that’s for sure, but we’re still getting used to the new space. Like, why does the laundry room light trip the breaker every time? We moved because the “old” house had 2 1/2 bedrooms (Karen got the 1/2), and the “new” one has 3.
  • Over Thanksgiving, we traveled to Lake Naivasha with the Kirkpatricks. We stayed in a house overlooking the lake. It was quite picturesque, as you can see below. We also went to Crater Lake and went on our first game drive, which involved a family picture with giraffes and zebras in the background. Our long weekend was very relaxing, besides fighting off the mosquitoes that could carry off small children.

    View from the front porch of the lake


  • The girls faced off against each other in the middle school soccer intermural championship on Wednesday. Dad was particularly happy about the day, because he could actually watch for once (the high school had exams, so no guy’s basketball practice). Anisa and Karen both scored two goals, and Anisa’s team ended up winning, 3-2. The team is chosen from the intermural season, and both Anisa and Karen made the team. They are excited to begin team play after the holidays.

Anisa scoring her second goal

Karen scoring her first goal

  • I (John) have started my varsity guy’s basketball season. We held tryouts, picked teams, and had a few practices, and two scrimmages. We scrimmaged ISK and won by 4 points, and then I played against my own team the next day in a staff vs. student game. The staff won by 7. The boys were bummed, but they showed flashes of brilliance. (Now to make those flashes more consistent…) The team is very, very athletic, but also very, very small. We will have trouble against bigger teams.
  • We have now entered into our long, relaxing Christmas break. We have a full three weeks off here at Rosslyn. One of the main reasons we have a longer time off is that many families head to other places over this time- many of my students have returned to the states for the holidays.

That will do for now. Have a merry Christmas, everyone!

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1 Response to Catching Up

  1. Jen says:

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!!

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