A Bit… Disconcerting

So it’s Christmas. Yeah, really, if this comes as a surprise to any of you at this point, you clearly aren’t paying attention. (And should get busy, too.)

But Christmas really sneaked up on me this year. Really!

First of all, there is no “Christmas Creep” in Kenya. That is, folks don’t go bonkers for Christmas earlier and earlier each year- you know, as soon as Halloween is over. Pretty soon North Americans will just leave the Christmas decorations up all year. (Hmm. Would that be bad? Maybe for the electric bill?)

Secondly, there is no “Black Friday” here, with subsequent frenetic shopping every spare minute between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nakumatt and Uchumi ARE pretty busy, it’s true, but that’s because they’re ALWAYS busy. (There’s nothing like standing in line for 10 minutes while waiting to buy that loaf of bread we need for dinner… oh, who am I kidding. It’s a ten-minute wait for the Kit-Kat bar I was jonesing for.)

The biggest reason, though, and most disconcerting, is that the weather here in Kenya has actually gotten WARMER since the middle of October. I have discovered that without the major clue of winter, along with gray, cold, cloudy days with no chance of snow, I just didn’t realize that Christmas is on the way. (And by the way, we’re going swimming tomorrow night- in an outdoor pool. :))

So, as a family, we went to Masai Market today, looking for items to complete (start?) our Christmas shopping. Anisa ended up picking up a set of elephant earrings (SHOCK! Sorry- that’s irony. She loves elephants AND earrings) and a jewelry box. Karen purchased some picture frames and… something else. I can’t remember at the moment.

On a separate note, Anisa made the bargaining much, much easier. In fact, the dude (David) who sold us the jewelry box said, “I can’t make it hard for my sister” about ten times while we were “bargaining.” Anisa couldn’t act less interested in the process. Ah, 7th grade girls.

One more thing. If you would like to know if it’s Christmas or not, go to this appropriately named website.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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