Away from Campus We Go!

Earlier this week, the Leonard fam packed up and headed off for Lake Naivasha for a couple days away from the hustle and bustle (and pollution?) of Nairobi. We went with another family, the Gilmers, and stayed in a cottage called Maisha House. It was a small, three bedroom bungalow with a loft- in fact, it reminded me a bit of my family’s cabin in Pennsylvania (minus Bullwinkle, the moosehead).

We did a bunch of relaxing and reading, some hiking, some swinging on vines like Tarzan, playing Pit/spoons (who knew?), and eating s’mores (well, the Kenyan version, anyway- cooking chocolate, not Hershey’s, strawberry marshmallows, and House of Manji biscuits instead of graham crackers). The tree hyraxes were loud at night, waking everyone up a couple times, but we still slept remarkably well.

Well, see for yourself:

Maisha House

Pit/spoons- I was unstoppable!


Insert Tarzan yell here....

Losing balance....

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2 Responses to Away from Campus We Go!

  1. Eva & Curtis says:

    Wow, I Would have loved to swing on those vines a few years ago. (: It sounds like a unique getaway, Glad you could do it. Mother & Dad Kratz

  2. Dave says:

    Love the pics! Looks like you guys had a blast! Hope noone got hurt in the spoons. That can get intense!! 🙂

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