Malindi Beach, Kenya

Just a few days after we picked Anisa and Karen up from Blue Sky Camp, we headed out to the coast. First we had a driver from Rosslyn take us to Wilson Airport. This is quite a bit smaller than Jomo Kenyatta Airport, since it does mostly domestic flights. It only took us 45 min. to get across town which made us happy. We boarded a 37 seat plane and took a 1 3/4  hr. flight to Malindi, with one stop for about 10 min. in Mombasa.

They are putting our luggage in from the little red cart.

It was quite warm in Malindi, however there was a breeze blowing almost all the time which made it feel cool. It felt great, especially since we were coming from the winter cold in Nairobi. We had a driver waiting for us at the tiny airport with our name on a piece of paper. How fun, I don’t know if we ever had that before, someone waiting to meet us with the name Leonard on a sign.

Smiles all around….and we are off!

The resort we stayed at was called Turtle Bay. We went straight to our room and settled in. Then we had to check out the beach! White sand, lots of seaweed, and a few people trying to sell us things greeted us upon our excursion.  The water actually felt quite warm! Anisa and Karen couldn’t help but get wet, clothes and all.

Then we walked around the resort and became familiar with the place. They had a kids program with activities during the day if the girls wanted to join, boogie boards and kayaks to use in the ocean, a great big pool with a food and drink bar, a gift shop and a pizza restaurant, a buffet area for each meal, and activities throughout the day we can join or watch if desired. We couldn’t wait to get started!

We had a wonderful time overall. The only disappointing part was that John had a sore back the whole time so his activity was limited.

We ended up using boogie boards, playing in the ocean, buying items from local artisans who were selling things nearby, playing beach volleyball, watching movies, playing with others we knew from Rosslyn or had just met, joining in with the pool aerobics, and being lazy and reading tons out by the pool or on the beach where someone from the resort would walk around and ask if you wanted any food or drink every so often- if you did, you just told them and then they brought it to you.

Oh, and then in the evening after our 7pm dinner, we would often stay out there by the dance floor to see the show, listen to band/music, or join in with the dancing.

As a special addition, we signed up to go snorkeling one morning as well. That was exciting! We had to wake earlier than usual because of the tide being out then so at 7:30am that day we met on the beach with another family and got on this little boat to take us out to the reef. Once we got there they passed out snorkeling masks and said we could begin! I was nervous but very excited. John and Anisa got in the water first. Then Karen went in, but quickly got back in the boat because she got stung by a jelly fish as soon as she got in the water! That was a bummer, but Karen was a real trooper about it and with a bit of encouragement, she returned to the water. However, the water was a bit choppy from the wind and she felt like she was being pushed into the boat instead of being able to swim around. One of our guides volunteered to take her around the water with a life ring which Karen held on to and then he swam her here and there to see the fish. That ended up working quite well. As for myself, I also really enjoyed it, but never really got the hang of how to breath calmly with the breathing tube. I loved being able to see the fish below the surface, but felt like I was running out of air because I wasn’t used to breathing that way. Every so often I would tread water and put my head above the surface to get my bearings once again. If we ever go again, maybe I need to practice breathing with a snorkel in the pool before hand.

Then after our five days we were back on the plane to go home. We left from the tiny Malindi airport that had around 25 seats in the waiting room, and headed back to Nairobi. Looking forward to the next time we can go.


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2 Responses to Malindi Beach, Kenya

  1. I love reading your stories:) Life is a grand adventure whenever we follow God’s direction. I am so glad He lead you back to Kenya! Blessings from Texas!

  2. Dave says:

    That sounds awesome! My Karen was freaked out with the whole snorkeling thing on our honeymoon too! Happens to the best… So happy for you guys!

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