Masai Mara trip in July 2012

Hello everyone!

We had a wonderful  three day trip to Ol Moran Tented Camp in Masai Mara during the beginning of July where we were able to see lots of animals.

The trip began with the Land Cruiser picking us up at 7am on Monday morning. Our driver’s name was David and we had seven seats all to ourselves. Anisa and Karen really enjoyed that because they like taking up lots of space on trips.

The roads on the 5 hour trip were partly fairly smooth and partly aweful! We stopped for a snack, samosas, and bathroom break around half way there. For the last two hours of our trip there was no tarmac, but only dirt or rocks to drive on. Our driver had a nickname for this part of our trip, he called it the “African Massage”. Whatever you call it, we were certainly jostled around a lot.

Along the drive I enjoyed watching the constantly changing view; all kinds of traffic, road-side shops, bikers, donkeys, cows, zebra, trees, lots and lots of people, etc. Sometimes the road was washed out so we had to drive on a “diversion”, sometimes well marked and clear, sometimes not.


Once we arrived to Ol Moran around noon we were shown to our tent, quite nice, definitely not roughing it. Then we had our lunch and rested a short time until our first game drive.

 From 2:30-6:30pm we were out looking about for wildlife. The top of the Land Cruiser was put up so we could stand inside and look out of the top of the vehicle while it was driving in the Game Reserve. Our two big goals, to find a leopard for Karen and elephants for Anisa. We spent lots of time  searching for leopards during the three days but never did find one. Elephants, however, were plentiful! After we returned, we cleaned up and had dinner at 7:30pm, and then read in bed until lights out at 10:30 when the power went out.


Next day, breakfast at 7:30am and game drive from 8am to 6pm with a packed lunch near the Mara River where there are hippos and crocodiles.



Then on our third and final day we took a game drive from 6:30-9am, ate brunch, and then were on our trip back home.


We spent lots of time in the Land Cruiser over those three days, but with the option of sitting or standing, and catching a nap now and then, it didn’t seem too bad. We were able to observe some really cool animals. Various types of gazelle, birds, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, elephants, warthogs, bush buck, hyena, cheetah, female lion, wildebeast, impala, hippo, and crocodile.

I was surprised we didn’t see more numbers of animals, and asked our driver about it. David said that we didn’t see more animals because the grass was high, they were there, just invisible. However, once the wildebeast migration went through, they would eat the grass and push it over, so then many more animals would be visible at that time.

We had lovely weather, a bit overcast but not too hot or cold the entire trip. It was fun to experience the Mara, a place we had photos of but had not visited since the girls were four. I am thankful we had the opportunity to make this fun trip once again.

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4 Responses to Masai Mara trip in July 2012

  1. Seth says:

    Did the “African Message” help ease John’s back pain?

  2. Rinnie says:

    Reminds me of that infamous Masai Mara trip we had with you guys, the Remsbergs, and my younger siblings. This trip looks much more tame and relaxing. 🙂

  3. Laura Flosi says:

    Love it! The pictures you posted are amazing – what a wonderful, memory-making trip.
    We miss you guys!!

  4. Seth Long says:

    Neat pictures of lots of different animals. Wow! Also nice family picture. Nice to “see you”. I like the girls hair styles…

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