Karen’s Music/Band Program -October 2012

Last week Karen had her first music program. She was nervous about how it would all work out because she had a basketball game right after school and then was to be at her program by 6pm. The good news is that we live at school! So Karen invited anyone else from the team that also needed to change for the music program to come home with her after the game.

Karen and friends changed and heading back up to school for the band concert.

The game went well, and they won by quite a lot. Soon after the game Karen brought home a number of giggly girls. They were excited about their win and chatty as they prepared for the program. Within about 50 minutes, they were showered, changed, had a bite to eat, and were ready to go back up to school for the program.

Karen entering the stage

Other friends with Anisa that also stopped by, but not in the band concert. 

Karen playing during the concert.

The program was fun. The girls did great and I enjoyed listening to them. Karen had a solo part at the start of one song and did well. She plays the saxophone, the only one to do so in her band.

Katie and Anisa after the concert.

Karen with other band members after the concert.

Karen came home and crashed once the program was done. It had been a long week filled with sports and homework. She finished the night by watching part of one of her favorite movies, Harry Potter.

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