A Wild Start to a Day!

What a day!

I am eating breakfast and preparing to go to school to work at a swim meet. Need to be there by 8am. John is also at the table…when we hear a scream from Karen. (We didn’t even know she was awake yet.) We jumped up from the table and started for her bedroom,  but Karen was running out of her room to meet us.

As she is ashen faced and finding it hard to catch her breath, she told this story: “I tried to crush a very large spider in my room and I thought its guts came out, but then realized it was lots of little baby spiders coming out of its butt! I almost screamed at that, but then a rat ran by my foot and that is when I screamed!”

We were a bit shaken by Karen’s scream, and wondered if her story was all true, but went in her room to check it out.

Karen stood by her bedroom door and directed us to the location of the incident, her beanbag chair. Well, I found the MANY baby spiders without much trouble, but where was the “rat?” As I lifted the beanbag up a bit more, lo and behold a big hairy thing did run away towards the far corner of the room! Made my heart start beating very quickly. It was not a rat, as it was much too big and hairy. Then it dawned on us- it was a baby squirrel!

Well, we must have looked a sight, tossing her clothes and things around the room looking for the squirrel with a trash can and bucket in hand. Our thought was to get it under one of them. It took a while as we chased the squirrel around the room, in and out of her bed, across the floor, and finally into a bucket. (The squirrel actually took a flying leap at one point and landed in the bucket on its own, which was helpful. From there I just turned the bucket upside down with squirrel inside.) Then we dragged the bucket from her room, through the living room, and out the front door when we let it free. It scurried off to tell its tale, I am sure.

Shortly after, I left for the swim meet and Karen prepared for her track meet.

Well, both events were cancelled after about two hours as the rain poured down. All were cancelled, actually, except for the high jump which was held in the gym, one of Karen’s events. (Just a note, Karen had her first lesson on how to high jump this past Thursday.) She competed against two other competitors and came in first! She jumped the height of 3′ 8″ using a scissors kick technique! We were all surprised and happy with her accomplishment.

We came home with a blue ribbon and found Anisa just getting out of bed. She had overslept and missed every bit of the excitement. 🙂

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4 Responses to A Wild Start to a Day!

  1. What a great story! And I am very impressed Karen smashed the mama spider from the very get-go.

  2. Jet says:

    Les said “wonder if it was an African squirrel”?
    Ha ha. We got a kick out of this story this morning. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Jet says:

    AND congratulations, Karen! I did the high jump in HS too…I have no doubt you’ll do much better than me! 😉

  4. that is awesome! I know that scream probably gave you a few gray hairs! I love reading about your life in Kenya. It makes me smile 🙂 Bless y’all.

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