Random thoughts from Kenya

Karen is in the process of writing a “novella”, a story that is 30,000 words! It was a challenge put on by her English teacher this month of November. It is from a program called National November Writing Month and anyone is invited to participate. She is quite excited about it and has written 15,000 words so far.

Lots of flowers are blooming.

Random sites around the house and campus.

A little frog I found on our outside door handle early one morning.

A homemade broom our gardener uses outside. It is stored in the crook of a tree.

Glitter after a morning rain.

Male (brown) and female Ibis birds.

A Kenyan crow.

A Kenyan bird called a Kite. They like to swoop down upon unsuspecting prey, often people, from behind and take food from plates and hands.

A flying Kite.

Anisa taking a self timed photo.



My 4th grade class celebrating National Egg Day! (It is fun to have a reason to be a bit on the wild side.) They are holding egg characters they had created.

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1 Response to Random thoughts from Kenya

  1. Dave says:

    So what’s the book about? We’d love to read it!

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