February Frenzy -2013

I have a feeling February will go by like a blur, there is so much packed inside! The Kenyan March presidential elections are coming up March 4, 2013, and everyone wants to be done everything by then because there is so much uncertainty after that date. So…

All sports teams for our school, and all surrounding schools in our league, have all games scheduled up to the end of February, but not into March as usual. That means John’s team has 10 games in 4 weeks. This may mean that there are weeks with three games and one practice. Anisa and Karen’s team schedule is similar.

Karen kicking it forward

Karen kicking it forward


Anisa with some nice foot work.

Karen - soccer - grade 7

Karen – soccer – grade 7

Anisa soccer -grade 8

Anisa – soccer -grade 8

Karen just recently joined a horse association which has a horse show/competition this month, but wasn’t planned until just recently because the government wasn’t sure if the location needed to be used for government purposes as they prepare for the presidential election. Karen is signed up to be in three days of the competition, her first one.

Karen riding Amethea

Karen riding Amethea

I agreed to ref elementary basketball games each Monday after school for an hour. This is WAY out of my comfort zone.

Our school is asking each teacher to learn how to use Edmodo, a website where teachers can post assignments for students. It is set up like Facebook and allows students and teachers to send messages to each other about the class content as well. Because of the upcoming presidential elections, a number of families who have students in our school are going to be leaving for a while over the election time period. The plan is for the use of Edmodo to help the students stay linked to the school and the assignments from each class so they don’t fall behind. (These students may be leaving for a few days or possibly, a number of weeks.) All that to say, it takes time to figure out new things and use them well.

So there you have it, all kinds of stuff packed into a month. After that we hope to be still and breath once again.

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1 Response to February Frenzy -2013

  1. Dave says:

    Always love the pictures! Sounds like everything’s going well. Pray the elections go good…

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