Girl’s soccer tournament – Feb. 2, 2013

Anisa and Karen were asked to participate in a jv level,under age 15, soccer tournament along with some of their team mates this past weekend. The hosting school was called Brookhouse, part of which was built to look like a castle, complete with drawbridge. Many refer to the school as the Harry Potter school.



Part of the school looked like a castle!

The tournament finally got under way and the girls did well. The sky was overcast which was nice so it wasn’t too hot at first. Around noon, however, the sun came out and things warmed up. The girls were playing 12 min. games so the time went quickly. Both Karen and Anisa were given a lot of playing time. At the end of the first round of games we were not sure if we had played well enough to advance to the next level. We had to wait to see how two other teams did to find out if we advanced because scores were close.


Anisa was not letting the bigger girls push her around.

It was fun to see Anisa and Karen go up against the teams, many of the other girls being older and bigger. I was proud of them and how they played.

Anisa scoring a goal!


Karen controlling the ball.

The day began with us leaving the house at 7:15am. We thought it may take an hour to get across town to the school that was hosting it and wanted to leave plenty of time. Well, traffic went smoothly, no traffic jams, and we made it across town to the tournament site in 40 min! Then found out after our school team arrived at 8:30am that the tournament didn’t begin until 9:30, later than first thought.

We did manage to move into the final two games of the day which was great. We lost both games, but only by one or two points. They were hard played games.


Anisa getting control of the ball to send it on.

Karen, kicking the ball down field.
Karen, kicking the ball down field.

So we left the fields happy with our fourth place finish in a jv level tournament. Then it was into traffic to fight our way home. After an exhausting ride that lasted close to 1 1/2 hours, we pulled into our driveway glad to be home.

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