Part 2 of Karen’s Equestrian Adventure -Feb. 16, 2013

Made it back to Jamhuri Park in great time this morning because traffic was quite a bit less. Had the camera with me in the front seat this time to try to get some photos of the sites along the way. The road was just as bad and the people walking were still numerous.


Lots of people walk along the road to get places.


The bypass across this side of the city that is still not complete but vehicles use anyway because drivers are desperate for roads that are not congested.

The bypass has stones in the road at a number of places that makes navigation tricky. Not sure why, maybe to slow traffic down, maybe because the city doesn’t want vehicles there, maybe because potential bandits want to slow us down.

The lip at the top of this stretch of road was extremely sharp and the road leading up to it that we were on was almost straight up. We had a high clearance vehicle and used 4 wheel drive to make it. Whew.



Preparing for the event.


Walking the course.


It was nice to feel like we knew a bit more what to expect as we entered the Equestrian Center. Karen met with her trainer and prepared for her event. The excitement mounted. Karen walked the event arena with another rider friend and then it all began.

Karen once again handled herself and her


Practice jumping and doing well.

IMG_7444horse with poise. The announcer said her name and the horse she was riding, the bell rang, and Karen’s round began! Karen lined her horse up for the first jump quite nicely, but three times that stubborn horse shied away and refused to jump…..when just a few minutes earlier it was jumping nicely in the practice ring. Karen was once again disqualified from this event. We considered


changing her horse’s name from Sololo to Jump Stupid. 🙂

Karen was given the option of joining in horse games at the end of the day if she wanted. Karen thought she would try it so she and I settled in for a day of watching horse jumping


while John volunteered to take Anisa and her friend back home.

The day was beautiful and warm.


Entering the ring for her event.

What took us about 30 minutes to drive in the morning, took John 1 hour and 10 minutes later in the day as he returned across town to the horse event.


Sololo, the horse, says no.

By 4:30 pm Karen was beginning the horse games. It looked as if it would be quite fun.

There were six teams of four ranging from kids so young they needed a trainer to run with them to older kids like Karen. Their objective was to start on their horse, go over to a

bucket and pull out a flag on a stick, weave through poles to the other end of the field and

put the flag in a bucket, hop off the horse and quickly lead it through a little back and forth weave through some poles, then climb back on the horse, pick up a card and race


Fun and games time! Weaving through poles.


Climbing back into the saddle in a rush to push on to the next hurdle.


Grab the card!


Race back to the other end of the course!


Put the card in a box with a slot.


Urge Sololo to hurry back to your team so next contestant can go!


Happy with the fun and second place team finish! 🙂

IMG_7589 IMG_7602with it back to the first side of the field to drop the card into a box with a slit in the top, and then run to the next rider on their team who begins.

Karen’s team did very well the first time and won their round. Everyone was very serious

and did their best to get their horse to do these silly things. The parents were very vocal on the side lines about cheering everyone on! 🙂

Because Karen’s team won, they moved on to race against two more teams. The kids were still playing hard to win but more smiles were involved as they knew more of what was expected this time around through the course. Horses were sometimes being stubborn,

sometimes moving too quickly, sometimes kids had trouble getting on and off, the list of

unpredictable items goes on. When all was finished, Karen’s team had a time that put them in second place! All riders brought horses up to the fence in front of the parents and lined up for the ribbon ceremony. There were lots of ribbons handed out and pictures taken. It was a fun way to end the day!

However, as soon as the event finished and

people were packing up to go home, there was an announcement made about rioting happening nearby in the city and we were encouraged to find alternate ways to go home. We were thankful for the warning, which we had actually gotten a bit before from a friend we had made earlier in the day who works at

the US Embassy and they get the safety alerts. It sounds as if students were protesting about some deaths that had happened recently by blocking roads in the city, putting burning tires there, and throwing rocks to people who tried to pass by.

As we left the Equestrian Center, there was a very long line of blocked traffic heading into the city and the smell of burning tires

hung in the air. We turned away from the city and took a long route home through the surrounding countryside.

God granted us safety throughout the day and during the ride home for which we are thankful. Karen had another rosette (ribbon) to add to her collection of medals and ribbons in her room. 🙂

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2 Responses to Part 2 of Karen’s Equestrian Adventure -Feb. 16, 2013

  1. She looks so relaxed and happy on the horse. What got her started in it?

  2. leonard4 says:

    Dayle, she’s loved horses since forever. I don’t know where she gets it!

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