We seem to be constantly tired right now. Lots going on.

Today in the elementary school we began our Spiritual Emphasis Week. Great fun, but means more time with students and less planning or personal time. Every afternoon we run a Bible School curriculum such as what you might find in a church during a summer bible school program. We are studying the story of Daniel this week. All students age Kg-5th are placed into Tribes with students at each age level in each tribe. It is fun for me to get to know some younger students and to see the older ones help out the younger within our tribe.

I also helped ref some elementary basketball games after school today. It seemed to go well, but it is not something I really want to do. I don’t feel confident in my ability as a ref. Can you tell that refereeing may add a bit to my stress level? 🙂

Anisa and Karen were going to have a soccer game today, but last minute it was cancelled. They didn’t mind though, because they are also helping with the set for the middle school play which performs this weekend. So right after school until around 7:30 they were busy with that. They have two more games this week and a tournament this next Sat. After that their season will be over.

John had a soccer basketball game today. They won by around 50 points! Wow. His boys team has two more games these next two days and then their season is done.

We still have our little Christmas tree up! How silly is that?! And the girls think we should invest in a bigger one. 🙂 We can’t even get the little one put away at the proper time of year.

Just found out that Anisa scored a hundred on her last Algebra math test! Wow! Well done Anisa.

Well, it is almost 9pm. Time for bed again. I need my rest for the next day.





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