Joy’s 5th Birthday

Today we celebrated Joy’s fifth birthday. She actually turned five February 8, 2013, but we were unable to celebrate until today. Joy is Beatrice’s daughter. Beatrice is a wonderful friend we have from the first time we lived in Kenya back in 1999-2004. Beatrice also brought Betty, her niece, along to help celebrate.


Beatrice making the cake (also teaching Betty how to do it)

IMG_8271 IMG_8280 IMG_8282 I picked them up around 3pm and brought them home to our place. Beatrice brought flour along so we could use it to help make a cake for the occasion. We chose chocolate with two layers, icing in between and all around the outside. Joy chose purple icing.

As the cake was baking, we went to the pool so Joy could swim for about 20 minutes. Then we finished the icing, let things cool, decorated the cake, ate dinner together, and celebrated the birthday! After gifts were given we took them back home. (We also had a gift for Beatrice who celebrated her birthday recently.)

Fun stuff.




Joy’s favorite gift, a chalk board.

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