Karen’s 13th Birthday!


Karen was allowed to get a Facebook account!


Oh Happy Day! The day you turn 13.

IMG_8072 IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8078 IMG_8079 Karen has become a teenager! πŸ™‚

March 8 was Karen’s special day, but she was quite excited, and our days have not been normal due to the Kenyan elections and on-line school, SO we allowed her to open gifts the night BEFORE her birthday. She was happy.

Then the day of her birthday we invited friends over to eat a birthday dinner and help us celebrate the fun occasion.

We had BBQ stir fry (carrots, beans, garlic, and BBQ sauce on rice) along with some fresh rolls. Then for dessert we had brownies and fruit. The candles were trying to write out the number 13, but you had to use your imagination to make it work. πŸ™‚

Karen said she wished for a horse before blowing out the candles.

Then everyone could have some party favors of candy, a small kick ball (like a hackie sack ball), and a popper. Karen chose not to have a party with a bunch of friends her age, so we had some fun party favors after the meal with the friends we invited, another family from campus.

The poppers were the big hit! You turn the little plastic circle inside out and set it on the table. Then you step back and wait. We were never quite sure how long they would take to “jump” into the air and take us all by surprise! Before long we were trying to pop them off our heads and find ways to have the poppers flip things in the air as they popped. We tried to set a whole bunch at once and then would have them flying right and left when they chose to pop. A lot of simple fun was had by all.

The big deal of the day for Karen was that she s finally old enough to open a Facebook account!

Happy 13th Birthday Karen!


Fun with Janey, Alan, Kai, and Eden Brozavich!


being silly


Umbrella toothpicks on brownies! Can’t help but love it.


Setting off the plastic poppers which then pop at any moment and go any direction! (A pink popper is on left corner of table getting ready to go off.)

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  1. Love it! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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