Potluck Meal and a Movie along with Kenyan Presidential Elections


lots of good food – the orange bag is the Kenyan version of Doritoes, but not as good

(Post written Saturday, March 9, 2013)

This past Monday through Wednesday, March 4-6, we had off from school because of the Kenyan Presidential Elections that took place on Monday, March 4, 2013. A bunch of families chose to get together for dinner and a movie or two. Outside.


friends roasting hot dogs -check out the many slices of hot dogs on the two sticks!

We had all sorts of noodle dishes, we took spaghetti pie, some salads, and a bunch of desserts, we took cinnamon rolls.

It was fun to hang out with friends and the weather was beautiful. As the sun went down it was nice to have a jacket, but the temperature was great.

It got dark around 7pm, so that is when our outdoor movie theater opened. We watched Cars 2 and Transylvania. It was lots of fun. I had on long pants and a light jacket so I felt perfect. John, on the other hand, was getting bit up by mosquitoes so he went home early. To tell the truth, I   never even noticed the mosquitoes were there.

friends (John is in blue shirt in back group)

friends (John is in blue shirt in back group)

At one point a friend walked through the group asking, “Anyone see my house keys?!” He made it into his house after a bit, so at some point the keys were found.

This past week because of the uncertainty around the elections and possible violence that may happen, we stayed close to home and kept a close ear out for any unpredictable situations we should stay away from.

playing frisbee (our outdoor movie theater is in the foreground)

playing frisbee (our outdoor movie theater is in the foreground)

to the left is the movie screen for our evening movie

to the left is the movie screen and speakers for our evening movie

Today, March 9, 2013, the new Kenyan president was announced, Uhuru Kenyatta, the 4th Kenyan president, grandson of the first president, Jomo Kenyatta. (We were in Kenya in 2002-2003 when the 3rd president, Moi Kibaki was named. He was in power for two terms, ten years total.)

We hope Kenya continues to grow and mature as a country for we love this place. 🙂

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