Middle School Banquet -March 2013

Yesterday was a day of memories. Lots of excitement, chatter, and color.

Anisa and Karen had their middle school banquet!


preparing for the evening


sisters 🙂


Anisa and Michael


with dad at the end of the evening


the girls who got ready at our place


7th graders


8th graders


talking with Dad on the phone and grabbing a snack just before heading up because Anisa didn’t know if she would like the food


Karen with a good friend, Makenzie.


Karen and friends


banquet location


Anisa and friends


Anisa, Michael, and friends


Karen relaxing after the evening events


preparations at home


hair styles




ready for the fun


friends and smiles

The festivities began around noon when both girls spent time up at school helping to prepare the area up at school for the banquet. Then around three in the afternoon, they came home to begin banquet preparations. They both invited a number of friends to join them at our place because it is fun to get ready with friends instead of on your own.

So, as the afternoon progressed, we had more and more girls arriving to enjoy the excitement of the evening together. (In the end, there were a total of ten other girls getting ready here. It was fun!) Showers were taken, hair curled and arranged, dresses put on, things pinned in place, make-up applied, accessories put on….. Whew! A lot to do. All of them looked absolutely beautiful! (Karen surprised me with the bold lipstick, but I loved it!) 🙂 Each girl had such a unique dress. Lovely.

5:30 comes and we go out to take a bunch of pictures in our lawn. Then a bunch of girls choose to head up to school, while a few stay behind to go up soon with Anisa after her date for the evening arrives.

5:45 Anisa’s date, Michael, arrives! He gives Anisa a small bouquet of flowers as well as a corsage for her wrist. His mom and I get a few photos outside of the two of them and then they and the other girls head up to school for the banquet.

Both girls find other friends to talk with, smile a lot, look nervous and awkward at times, get photos taken, and head down the steps into the middle school area where the banquet is being held.

It was fun to see the gathering of students! Some students were very short, others quite tall! A wide variety of hair styles. Lots of colorful clothes in a variety of styles. Some shades were worn and I saw one boy with a fancy hat. Shoe styles were interesting as well.

Karen and Anisa came home after 9:15 tired but happy.

Yes, the night was fun.
They enjoyed the local rappers who performed during the evening.
Dancing to rap and hip hop was fun, and yes, there was plenty of “room for Jesus”!
Food was good-sort of. (It was catered by a local Mexican restaurant.)
At one point when I came back from dancing, some teachers had taken our seats, so then we had to stand for a while and then my feet hurt!
It was better than last year because then they didn’t have dancing and we just sat around all night feeling awkward.

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