Another Season in the Books

Here we are, in year three of our Kenya 2.0 experience, and I’ve just finished my 6th season of coaching. Just writing that makes me tired.

Anyway, we just finished the girls basketball season about 2 weeks ago, and it was successful, of course depending how you define success. Our won-loss record was middle of the road again- we finished third in the league, for example, for the 3rd year in a row.  We defeated the teams we were “supposed” to beat, but were unable to break into the top two of the league (held by ISK and RVA for a while).

But I’ve stated all along how the season is a process, and I work really hard to focus on improvements as a team rather than just results, and we improved quite a bit. So, in other words- the season was, indeed, a success.

My favorite game was the friendly we played against Laiser Hill, an athletic, fast-breaking team. We were in trouble in the 2nd quarter, down 17-10 at one point, but we battled back and hit some huge shots in the 4th quarter to pull out a 33-29 win. My favorite part of the game, though, was when I called a timeout and gave the girls a few adjustments they needed to make, and a play they needed to run (we were down one late in the 4th). They went out and ran exactly what I needed them to, and we got an Izzie bucket. That was the winning margin. We showed real growth and maturity to win that game.

I always have a sense of accomplishment when a season finishes, and this year is no exception. Thanks to the girls for all their hard work!


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