Karen’s Middle School Basketball Tournament

We talk about basketball an awful lot around here, don’t we? Well, we have one more story to tell.

Karen in one of the outside pool games

Karen in one of the outside pool games

Karen’s middle school basketball season has been different in past years, in that she missed a huge chunk of the season because of a wrist injury that has been lingering for more than a year. After the first three games, she had an MRI taken, and she had to stop using the wrist completely for four weeks. The team continued winning in her absence, but it was tough for her to be still.

Two days before the final tournament, Karen was given the OK to resume playing. So this past Saturday, Karen rejoined her team at ISK. The team swept through their pool games with ease, and then defeated the Rosslyn “B” team in the semifinals (but it’s never fun to have to beat your own teammates in a game!).

That set up a showdown with ISK, who defeated RVA in the other semifinals, in an upset. ISK played the team in man-to-man defense, with Karen’s defender about 15 feet off her, to try to keep Karen from getting into the lane.

In a 10-minute game, anything can happen, and this one was no exception. ISK hit two

This is a picture of the actual drive!

This is a picture of the actual drive!

difficult jump shots, and the game was tied 8-8 with just a little over a minute to play. Controlling the dribble, Karen noticed that the left side of the court opened up suddenly, so she faked right, and drove hard to her left, getting past her defender, and making a left-handed layup to put Rosslyn up, 10-8.

ISK failed to score in their next possession, and Karen had the ball with a minute to play. Coach Jiv signalled for Karen to run out the clock with the dribble (there is no shot clock in middle school basketball), and thus started the longest minute of our lives. (Seriously, it felt like an hour!)

The fans were slightly happy....

The fans were slightly happy….

Karen faked, and dribbled, and ran, all the while being shadowed by two ISK players. ISK’s coach was yelling for his team to foul, but either they didn’t hear him, or weren’t able to carry out his wishes.  At one point, a girl poked the ball away from Karen into the backcourt, but Karen got to the loose ball first, and commenced running away again.

Finally, FINALLY, the game clock counted down and the final horn sounded. And thus began the fun.

Two years ago, Karen hit a free throw to win this tournament, last year she missed a three

The team!

The team!

at the buzzer that would have won it, and this year she scored the basket that put her team up two with a minute to play. Two out of three ain’t bad!

Congratulations to the team- a perfect 10-0 in game play, and a championship in the final tournament- quite the successful season!

Now- on to soccer!

Karen with Coach Jiv!

Karen with Coach Jiv!

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1 Response to Karen’s Middle School Basketball Tournament

  1. dk says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! Even the greats big james, MJ, and uncle John missed a few :-). Way to keep shooting!!

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