High school Christmas banquet – Anisa – 9th grade

2:30pm -girls begin to arrive

Anisa had invited a number of girls to come to our place to prepare for their Christmas banquet. John thought he may need to hide. But then some of the parents stayed to visit, which was fun for both of us. I helped Anisa with her hair, another mom was helping her daughter with her hair style as well, but for the most part, the girls had fun helping each other prepare.

Around 5pm -boys arrive

photo time!

picture time!

They sat on the back porch with their parents until the girls were ready.

5:30pm -picture time!

Quite a number of photos were taken amidst lots of laughter, mixed with a few awkward moments thrown in here and there. 🙂

Anisa and Drew

Anisa and Drew

IMG_30726:15pm -van taxi arrives to take them into town where the banquet is

with dads :)

with dads 🙂

with siblings

with siblings

We smiled when the taxi pulled up and we found out it was a safari type van! Looked like it had just been on a safari by the dirt on the sides. The kids all piled in and they were off! Return time scheduled for 11pm. (They could have also gone on a bus with chaperones, but the kids opted for the taxi. Go figure.)

11pm -They came home happy and tired.

Karen and friends

Karen and friends

Karen had some friends over as well. It was a full, happy house.

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