What a day!

Basketball and music. This day was full of both! First we had to get through the mandatory school day. Then basketball!

John had invited a Kenyan Premier team, Ulinzi, to our campus in order to play his boys high school varsity team in a friendly game. Now, he had no intention of winning this game. It was more about helping his team see how they can improve and how to play at a higher level. John’s connection with the Premier team was through Mike, a close friend John had made when he played in this league over twelve years ago. It was a lot of fun to watch.

varsity and Ulinzi

varsity and Ulinzi

Then directly after the game Karen had a Christmas band concert which we were able to see. She plays saxophone and did great. Although if you speak with Karen, she says she didn’t know all the notes she was to play. I couldn’t tell.

Karen playing saxaphone

Karen playing saxaphone

Karen singing her solo

Karen singing her solo

Shortly after that, Karen sang a solo as a culmination for her voice lessons this semester! We were very proud of her.

Throughout the evening, Anisa took some great photos. 🙂 It was fun to share the experience with Mike. Wish our friends and family from the states could have been there too!

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