A Look Back at Soccer Season

I should probably change that title to “futbol.”

Anisa vs Oshwal

Anisa vs Oshwal

Anisa and Karen have just finished up their respective soccer seasons here at Rosslyn, and both of them can be considered a success.

Anisa set out to make varsity this year as a 9th grader, and was delighted when her name was on the list. Her team worked very hard for Coach Matt Schwandt- actually becoming one of the best passing teams he’s ever had. The team was an interesting mix of youngsters and seniors- Anisa had quite a few interesting stories about bus trips to and from games. Poor MinJeong.

Anyway, the team advanced all the way to the championship game against RVA. Rosslyn

Anisa working hard vs ISK

Anisa working hard vs ISK

played hard but lost to a very experienced Buffalo team. Rosslyn has a bright future, though, assuming the girls will continue to grow and work on their skills! Anisa scored at least five goals during the season, and had a delightful time with the older girls. (They had no idea how much of an influence they had on young Anisa!)

Karen, still in 8th grade, played for Coach Paul Bedsole on the middle school team. This team was wildly successful- they were undefeated, and only tied once, against a very physical and aggressive ISK team. The highlight of their season was at the RVA tournament, when they not only went undefeated, but they didn’t even give up a goal all day long. Karen sent the team into the finals when she ripped a goal with less than a minute to play against RVA on a nice trap-and-spin move.

Karen's blistering goal vs RVA to send Rosslyn to the finals

Karen’s blistering goal vs RVA to send Rosslyn to the finals

Even though I (John) was coaching my own (basketball) team, I was able to attend the middle school RVA tournament, and the varsity finals against RVA. Both were an awful lot of fun to watch- I miss the days when I would watch every soccer game my girls play in! I was also able to watch the last middle school game at home against Hillcrest, when Karen scored on a free kick just a few yards inside half field. She hammered that ball!

Overall, the girls enjoyed their seasons, and look forward to the next time they can play. They have a chance to play together again next year (assuming some things, which is always dangerous), so Mom and Dad may be able to follow one schedule instead of two. Overall, we’ve been delighted with the growth and experiences of the girls!

Karen's grit against Peponi's fouls

Karen’s grit against Peponi’s fouls


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