Converting the World- One Whoopie Pie at a Time

Every December and April, Rosslyn Academy hosts a community-wide flea market, of sorts, called “Mistletoe Market” and “Spring Fling.” I imagine you can figure out which one is named which.

Anyway, in December we had the idea of having a little dessert stand where we would sell Glenda’s amazing desserts. She’s been sharing them (giving them away, of course) throughout the year with the girls’ teachers and our neighbors, and we (let’s be honest here- it was really me- John) were wondering what would happen if we tried it out.

We were too late to get in for December, but for the April one, held yesterday, we were in. Glenda baked chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies, cinnamon rolls, and funny cakes throughout the week to prepare.

So we set up our booth really wondering if we would sell anything at all. If not, we reasoned, we would just be eating this stuff out of the freezer for the next year and a half.

Well, the cinnamon rolls went really quickly in the morning to the folks that had skipped breakfast. The whoopie pie sales starting picking up around lunch, and then people found the funny cake. We discovered that we had to explain what a funny cake was- over and over and over. Almost no one had ever heard of such a thing. Once people tasted it, though, sales took off- Glenda sold all 12 pies.

The whoopie pies in particular were interesting to sell. Around lunch, a group of my Korean students came over and asked which of the desserts I liked the best. I told them, honestly, “Whoopie pies are my arch nemesis.” They weren’t really sure if they believed me, but they bought one and walked away.

Less than three minutes later, a second member of the group sidled over and bought one. Then three minutes after that, a third came by… I guess word of mouth works, eh?

The best story, though, came from when our neighbor under the tent, Kevin McGee, bought a whoopie pie himself. A pastor in the Assemblies of God church, Kevin had laughed earlier when we called the food we were selling “Mennonite desserts.” He took one bite, and exclaimed, “I’ve converted! I’m a pacifist now!” We all got a kick out of that.

By the end of the day, Glenda had received many, many compliments on her baking ability, and another person asked for her phone number for a possible business opportunity later.

Overall, we sold out of everything but chocolate chip cookies (although one young man came back literally five times for more cookies).

While we had originally intended the day to be a family project, the girls decided that their days were a little too full (Anisa babysitting, Karen buying the craziest shoes you’ve ever seen), so Glenda and I just hung out together all day selling food. We both thought it was a great amount of fun. We really enjoyed talking with folks as they came around looking for something sweet, and people watching from our vantage point under the main tent.

We’re not sure if we’ll do it again, but for one day, it was fun!

(And, of course, we didn’t take a single picture of the venture. Oops!)

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1 Response to Converting the World- One Whoopie Pie at a Time

  1. Karen Kratz says:

    Sounds great guys!! Although, it’s a bit pathetic that you are half way across the world and make these things and right here in Mennonite country my family hasn’t seen any of that stuff!! My family will hope this is inspiring to me!


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